A smile never
goes out of fashion

A smile never goes out of fashion


Here’s how to stay on trend, all season

get closer

You put a lot of thought into your appearance. On-trend fashions, the latest designer shoes, eye-catching accessories. But one of your best, most valuable accessory is a smile. And let’sface it, trends come and go, but a dazzling white smile is always in fashion.

A smile never goes out of fashion
Here's your checklist for a head-turning smile:

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New Closeup Diamond Attraction Power White. This toothpaste is co-created with cosmetic dentists. It gives instantly whiter teeth after just one brush due to its revolutionary blue light technology; and progressively whiter teeth with regular brushing.
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Lipstick or gloss with a blue undertone brings out the white in your teeth.
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Before you snap that selfie, press your tongue onto the roof of your mouth, and show 8 teeth – it’s the perfect number.
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Ask your hairdresser for the right highlights. Teeth can look whiter when contrasted with darker locks.
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Put one in your beauty bag. It’s perfect to touch up your teeth on-the-go AND plump up your lips by dry-brushing them for 15 seconds for a sexy pout.